Conservatorship and Special Needs Trusts

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Medical advances have made life expectancies decades longer than enjoyed by our parents and grandparents, but at what cost?

Will we outlive our money? What happens in the case of diminished capacity? How do we plan for long term care of a disabled child or elder adult?

Medi-Cal and Special Needs Trusts

Acuña Regli assists clients with planning to maximize public assistance benefits. In the Medi-Cal (Medicaid) context, strategies include:

* Reviewing current estate planning documents and updating them to permit asset protection;

* Legal and appropriate “spend-down” and gifting strategies;

* Creating special needs trusts to preserve a family inheritance and benefits; and,

* Working with personal injury lawyers to create litigation special needs trusts to provide the maximum benefit possible from a personal injury recovery.

The group’s Medi-Cal representation includes assisting clients with all phases of the application process, hearings, and future claims by the Department of Health Services or other creditors against the estate.

Guardianship and Conservatorship

One of the most stressful legal problems for a family to address is caring for an incapacitated elder or child. Due to recent changes in the law, the legal procedures involved in guardianship and conservatorship have become so difficult that many attorneys are now refusing to take new cases.

Acuña Regli is committed to the welfare of your loved ones. Whenever possible, we will assist you with alternatives to invasive and stressful probate court proceedings. However, where unavoidable, the firm has proven expertise in obtaining and administering guardianship and conservatorship cases. Also feel free to read our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to common questions about elder law, trusts and other areas of law.