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Trust Administration

Living trusts reduce or eliminate needless estate taxes and probate fees. They are highly favored as a basic estate planning tool. However, unethical and incompetent “trust mills” have created the false impression that a simple living trust will avoid estate tax in all circumstances, and that trust administration is simply accomplished by writing checks to beneficiaries.

Although, that said . . . nothing is further from the truth. Estate taxes may trap the unwary and a trustee who fails to administer a trust correctly may be personally liable for losses, estate taxes, penalties, interest, and punitive damages!

Acuña Regli helps you to comply with all legal requirements for trust administration. The firm also implements after death tax reduction strategies. Their goal is to conclude trust administration as quickly as possible, and to protect a trustee from all claims and any personal liability.

Probate Administration

Even with the best intentions, people sometimes do not understand the need for an estate plan, wait too long to plan, or do not have an attorney who assists with properly funding their trust. In those cases, Acuña & Regli steps in and gets probate administration on track.

The firm handles inheritance issues and probate cases in every California County. Where necessary, Acuña Regli coordinates with out of state counsel to probate assets located in other states.

Acuña Regli has handled over $30,000,000.00 in various charitable, life insurance, trust administrations, and estate probates. Also feel free to read our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to common questions about probate and trust administration.